Archived Project Updates

October 2019

Early work at our Ballard site is underway!

Crews are preparing our Ballard site for tunneling. Here are the activities they’re working on:

  • Replacing the 24th Ave NW Pier to prepare for removing tunnel spoils by barge
  • Replacing the outfall pipe under the pier
  • Relocating utilities
  • Removing contaminated soils from the shaft site

Public art

Local artist Vaughn Bell is leading several artists to install permanent artwork along the storage tunnel alignment across all five neighborhoods. Artists will use a wide variety of mediums, materials and techniques to make our underground infrastructure and regional water quality improvements more visible.

Some goals of the Ship Canal public art include:

  • Increasing public awareness of the function of water quality projects and infrastructure
  • Making an invisible system more visible
  • Connecting people to the flow of water in their city, their home and local ecology
  • Creating meaningful, inspiring and thought-provoking art experiences in the public realm

Artwork will include both permanent and temporary installations.